Scourges of the Galaxy

A Deal Gone South

Session 16

-Han and Chewie give the group a set of Ardos Disks and their contact information.
-Jace shops for some weapons and goods while Tim tries to convince the non-Wookiee refugees to join the rebellion. They are not keen on the idea but are willing to follow along for now.
-Chewan realizes that the fuel cells in the GR-75 transport are dangerously low. He comms out to Jace to pick up some fuel.
-Meanwhile, Chewan is out repairing the landing gear on the Chimera when he notices people approaching. He quickly hides himself and sees two Gank hunters. They call out to the PCs, beckoning them forth.
-Tim emerges from the tranport. Tim recognizes them as Thann’s bodyguards. The lead Gank says, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Give us the slaves and we’ll give you a head start before we kill you. Or, we kill you now and take the slaves anyway.” Chewan has revealed himself at this point and tries to get on the ship to warn the others, but the Ganks really mean business. The four of them stare each other down for a moment. Then, Tim shouts with gusto, “The hard way then!” His gun is already drawn.


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