Scourges of the Galaxy

Dice for Spice

Session 14

As the team breaches the depths of the Kashyyyk each shivers as if to throw off the eerie darkness of the shadow lands. As the motionless body of D’Shar makes it to the village landing a roar pierces the air. Katahaar furiously pushes his way through those in his way. Blind to reason, froth spewing from his mouth Katahaar tries to reach D’Shar but is held back by Jase and Chewan. Tim steps forward to talk down Katahaar. With his best effort Katahaar slowly and reluctantly lets his rage slip from his grasp with a vow to take D’Shar’s life when this is all through.

As everyone gathers to head on this voyage the crew, knowing they plan on doing the kessel run inquires if Katahaar by chance knows of Chewbacca one of the legendary smulagers who made the kessel run in twelve parsecs. To their surprise and disbelief the response was in the affirmative. So as finishing getting everyone ready to board the ship Katahaar goes and sends off the message to see if they can get help. After getting into the all aboard the Chimera and off on their mission to rescue the captured wookies. Chewan barry himself in his work to manufacture faulty restraints for his brethren who are pretending to be captives to help rescue their friends. Word comes to the rest of the crew that D’Shar is waking. Tim and Jase head to the med center and meet Koth and despite their best efforts D’Shar remain alof and hesitant to accept the help of our motley crew. D’Shar demands to be left alone, but is gradual convinced that it would be in his best interest of have the doctor to help him out. Feeling relieved Jase and Tim leave the med bay glad they could leave Koth with their mark to keep an eye on him, despite their uneasiness in falling to convince D’Shar. They make a resolve to not let him out of their sights.

To prepare for their con the crew heads to a small backwater world of Formos, to pick up some last minute gear for their co-conspirators, as well as to see what if they did hear back from Chewbacca to see what help or advice he could give. Upon arriving at Formos the background radiation from being so near a Nebula and several black holes makes checking for any messages impossible.
So upon landing on Formos Tim, Jase, and Chewan head to the nearest cantina so as to get access to the halo net. While on the way Jase decides he needs a box. While keeping a look out on the way for his box. The group meanders over to this dive of a cantina. After passing through the entrance Chewan and Tim heads directly over to the nets terminal, Jase heads around to get a better look around to see what info he can pick up. Noticing a bounty board Jase makes his way over and takes a gander at the board to see if there are any jobs he can pick up on the way. Two jobs stand out of a some random space pirate for some 20,000 credits while the other stands out a little more firmly his mind. For a striking 40,000 credits Chewan picture looms at the top of the board. While thoughts run through his head of how to game the system and get his hands on those credits, Jase notices the bartender’s greedy demeanor. The bartender tries to nonchalantly point out the huge Wookiee perusing the halo net at the other end of the bar over his own transmission.
Jase quickly decides to warn his partners but as he heads their way two CSA guards barge into the cantina. Try to think quick Jase heads off the guards and greats them offer them help of what ever kind he can. What ever he can do to slow them down. The guards quickly become annoyed with this obvious ruffian cutting them at each step to get to their pray. With flagrant annoyance one of the guards moves to push get Jase out of there way. Anticipating the move Jase rolls his body as if he stumbles causing the guard to over reach and stumble, falling hitting his face into the bar striping him of his consciousness. In a moment the other guard hurries over to his companion checking to see if he is all right. As he kneels over his partner Jase slides up with a tone of concern in his voice trying asking what he can do to help. Boiling with anger the guard throws his elbow in to Jase’s face. Feeling the rush coming on Jase yells “Cantina fight!” and unleashes a push right at the back of the head of the guard who hit him as the Captain of the guard walks in. The Captain is immediately distracted by the ensuing brawl and can’t quite find Chewan in the mix of things.
A slow rolling voice breaks through the ruckus of the calling for decision from the blind following of the system, to push back on their oppressors. A clear note rings true to all of the ears in the cantina directing their ire toward the captain of the CSA. With a rush and in a fury the people of the cantina all pounce the CSA agent.
The CSA captain of the sees the crazy mess and explosion of anger and runs out the back. From the mixture and entanglement of bodies Chewan reaches in an attempt to snatches a cloak of some unbeknownst stranger only to drag him away and reveal a create which he uses to try and conceal his retreat back to the crews ship. With gleeful mirth Jase snatches a big sold looking box as the Trio dart through the rear exit.
As the team exits they find the captain cowering at their approach. When within a few they over hear the captain pleads that they let him live and he will not tell anyone that Chewan was there.
After the quick departure from the cantina Jase, Chewan, and Tim arrive at the ship and gather the rest of the team to hear the response from the infamous duo, Han Solo and Chewbacca. In the message Chewie informs the band that they happen to actually be near Formos and planning a raid at the spice mines as well. everyone is filled with surprise at this great turn of events for then not so much for this Admiral Ackbar of the Rebellion who is be transferred to the spice mines.
This makes the team realized that this is crunch time. This opportunity would be a prime distraction to help with there job. So sending out another message to inform the rebel agents of their plan and any assitance would be help and greatly appreciated as well.
Just before their jump they receive another message from Chewie that they will do what they can.

Exiting hyperspace above the spice mines. Everyone prepares for the mission during the descent. Informing D’Shar that they are on approach to the mines facilities. Soon after making the landing the D’Shar asks for a weapon. So in hopes to pacify this shifty dirt bag Jase hands him a lowly holdout blaster, but decides to shadow him. shortly after passing through the entrance to the spice mines the works their start trying to take the slaves, so trying to keep an eye out for them Tim decides to take them to the processing center with the rigged smuggling box full of blasters for the prisoners, under the premise that he will keep an eye on them till we get paid and that Jase is hoping to score some spice at the same time. Jase and Chewan head with D’Shar, who leads them to the administrator’s office. Where sitting at the desk is a small slimy puffy looking alien, who immediately begins to negotiate the price for the Wookiee slaves.
Arriving at an agreement the facility manager opens a vault which is based in the back corner of his office. As he heads in to retrieve his owed credits D’Shar abruptly starts to head out of the room. Jase feeling dread boil up in his bones asks D’Shar where he is off to. Claiming to be heading to the refresher, the assassin quickly states he has got to drain the snake as well and would be grateful to be able to follow him to where it is.

22. Tim accompanies the slavers with the 11 Wookiee slaves and has them break free and take out their guards at a good time.

23. D’Shar acts suspiciously, leaving Jase and Chewan with the administrator. Jase follows him to the refresher where D’Shar pulls a gun on him.

24. Chewan is ambushed in the admin’s office.

25. Chewan rushes the administrator who is in a closet like storage locker where he locks both of them in.

26. Chewan has a deadly encounter with a disruptor pistol

27. D’Shar runs to the elevator shaft that leads into the mines and calls them up. Jase and Tim are in pursuit.

28. Alarms start blaring in the facility. They are under attack by a group of rebels. Chewie has arrived and they are fighting overhead in the atmosphere.

29. All the slaves not in the mines are freed. Katahaar sees D’Shar and rushes to take him out. D’Shar falls unconscious.

30. Chewan is incapacitated by a disruptor pistol wielding Rybet (the administrator)

31. Jase fights his way through many guards and eventually takes out the administrator and gets Chewan back on his feet.

32. Chewie, Han, and some rebels land in the facility and clean up the remaining guards.

33. Katahaar and the other Wookiees don’t want to leave behind any of their people (half of them are still down in the mines). Tim convinces them that there is no time and gets them to leave.

34. More guards and the Empire are bearing down on them. Jase decides that he will pilot a GR-75 medium transport with all the freed slaves aboard and follow the Millenium Falcon through the treacherous Kessel run.


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