Scourges of the Galaxy

The Proposition: Part 1

Session 11

Ra’lia met the team at the Slag Pit bar on Nar Shaddaa to give them a heads up about groups of people seeking them out. She didn’t have much more to say than to watch your back. After leaving the Slag Pit bar, the group was almost immediately greeted by a smoking poison grenade. Masked assailants quickly followed with stun guns and electronets. Clearly, they wanted to take them alive. Everyone put up a great fight, but when reinforcements came all but Jace were captured and taken to the slaver’s ship. Jace followed and stealthily slipped onto the ship behind the captors.

Hours later the others came to only to find themselves stripped of all their belongings and caged like animals in the hull of a ship. Two guards stood by idly chit-chatting. The only other occupants were five dead Wookiees and one beaten and barely conscious Wookiee. Tim started shouting insults at the guards to hopefully get them to put down their defenses (or to just make them plain angry). He soon found himself taking a beating from an angry Trandoshan. In part, his plan succeeded. The Trandoshan got too close to the sultry Ala’ani and found himself restrained against a jail cell. Meanwhile, Chewan deftly picked the lock of his cell and sprung out in time to aid the collapsing Tim Kopenaka.

Jace traversed the upper decks of the Suwantek TL-1800 slave ship undetected and made his way into the engine room. The poor engineer had no idea what was coming. Jace grabbed him from behind and threatened the engineer for information. But, this was no ordinary engineer. He did not give in to threats of pain and death. Jace upped his game by stabbing the engineer in the shoulder. The engineer stood strong. Jace then began smashing the engineer’s face repeatedly into the computer dashboard until he passed out. Apparently, Jace isn’t scary enough to get any good information. He did learn that the Trandoshan slaver, Trex, was captaining this ship and that they were nearly docked with the Kwenn Space Station.

The group was now fully reunited in the cargo hold of the ship. They freed the Wookiee, Katahaar, who pleaded with them to help fight the slavers. But now was not the time for discussions … another ship was attaching it’s airlock to the slave ship. Chewan, the ever triumphant mechanic, swiftly gained control of all of the doors on the ship while the rest of the crew told Trex to get off or die. At the airlock, a mysterious man named Thann Xiss spoke to the group requesting their presence at the Tallifax Casino on the Kwenn Space Statiion. He had a job for them, one that they wouldn’t want to refuse. He quickly departed leaving the Scourges of the Galaxy with a slaver ship to call their own.


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