Scourges of the Galaxy

The Proposition: Part 2

Session 12

Alarms began blaring all over the Suwantek TL-1800 slave ship. Only minutes had passed since Thann Xiss departed on his ship and the group gained control of the ship. It was quickly deduced that there was a hull breach on the bottom floor of the ship. Jace and Chewan quickly ran to see if they could find the breach and seal it. Oxygen levels were already low and rapidly plummeting.

Chewan found the leak that was caused by blaster fire on the ship. With a few attempts he was able to seal the breach with a temporary hull patch. Worried that it might not hold long, he determined to spend some time sorting out repairs at the Kwenn Space Station docks.

Before they docked, the group listened to what Katahaar the Wookiee had to say. He told them that the pirates had been raiding his village on Kashyyyk almost every 35 galactic days. On these raids they had been abducting Wookiees as slaves and taking a ceremonial plant called Orga that grew in the local vicinity. On this most recent raid he and the few remaining Wookiee warriors decided to put up a fight. As soon as the slave ship landed they ambushed pirates. They captured a Sakiyan who had been on previous raids, but appeared mostly interested with the Orga plants. Katahaar and one other Wookiee took the Sakiyan to one of the lower levels of the Kashyyyk forest. When Katahaar returned to the village, the pirates had subdued and killed several of the Wookiee villagers. They threatened to kill more if Katahaar and his warriors did not give up the Sakiyan. Katahaar refused and the pirates immediatley responded by killing another Wookiee warrior. The enraged Katahaar tried to attack the pirates but was knocked unconscious. He awoke in the hull of the slave ship, where the pirates tortured and interrogated five other Wookiee warriors to death for information regarding the location of the Sakiyan. They beat him some more and when he woke again all of the you were there.

He pleaded with you to:
1) Protect the village from the next pirate raid
2) Cripple or destroy the pirates organization so they cannot continue to harm us
3) Rescue all of the previously enslaved Wookiees

He had no reward to promise them except that he and his villagers would forever be grateful to them and would help them in any way they could.

At this point the ship had docked at the Kwenn Space station. The group headed to the Tallifax Casino to hear Thann’s business proposition. Jace was not too happy to find out that no firearms were allowed in the casino. He hung back just in case things went south.

The casino appeared to be heavily guarded and Thann himself was surrounded by five Gank mercenaries. He told them this:

“I believe that you could help us become one of the greatest economic arms of the Black Sun in Hutt space. Hutt space has been notoriously hard for the Black Sun to get a strong foothold in because of the Hutt kajidics that have such a strong stranglehold on every resource. My slaving and spice operations have met some resistance from the the Hutts and others as of late which is where you would come in. Your particular skills and reputation are well suited to solidify the Black Sun’s hold in Hutt space. And, don’t worry, you would get a large share of the fortune that will soon be ours. If everything goes according to plan you could live the rest of your lives in luxury.

Smuggling slaves can be quite lucrative. Wookiees are optimal for manual labor and therefore they are highly valued. They are needed for mining glitterstim which is the primary cog in my operation. I need to you bring me a continuous supply of Wookies. As well, I need a large shipment of a plant native to specific location on Kashyyyk called Orga. While you are there I would greatly appreciate it if you recovered a dear friend of mine. He is a Sakyian named D’shar. He was captured by a stubborn group of Wookiees on our last visit to Katahaar’s village. In fact, Katahaar knows precisely where he is. He will lead you to him. "

Basically, the rewards for pulling off the operation break down like this:

  • A new ship of the equivalent value of your original ship and all of the supplies off of the old ship.
  • He knows about your debt to Kaa’to Lee’chos and can pay it off plus a handsome sum of 100,000 credit to the group.
  • Access to rarer supplies, weapons, gear at good prices.
  • Plus, your own smuggling operation which would open up more lucrative opportunities

Thann promised that if you fulfilled this contract that he would compensate you for your losses and give you a place in his growing empire. He wishes to supplant the current Black Sun Vigo of this sector putting himself at the top. He insisted that you take the Gank guards with you but you convinced him otherwise. He also arranged to have Trax meet you at your “new” ship to return most of your supplies that were on your other ship. Thann seemed a bit to permissive in granting you your wishes ….

Trex met you at your ship as planned and told you that if he ever saw you again he’d kill you. He stormed away leaving behind the cargo that belonged to you. They loaded the goods on the ship and headed to a shady ship dealer elsewhere on the Kwenn Space Station. You see, Ala’ani (not wanting to pilot a lumbering slave ship) decided to do some quick negotiating with a ship dealer for a smaller and faster ship. After some hassle the crew now found that they had another new ship to call their own: a beautiful YT-2400.


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