Scourges of the Galaxy

Journey in the Shadow Lands

Session 13

Soon after leaving the Kwenn Space Station the adventures start to hear an insane laughter coming from somewhere on the ship. While Aayla’Ani continues prepare the ship to try to bring the group to Kashyyyk, the rest of the crew go to investigate the strange noises coming from somewhere else on the ship. The crew eventually followed the sound to a hidden compartment on the newly christened Chimera. The intense laughter continues as the smuggling bay is opened to reveal a dank dark hold clustered with garbage. Reveling in the garbage is a brown, scaly monkey looking creature with one hell of a maniacal laugh. On opening the cargo bay Jase freaks out and yells for someone to shut up the monkey before he kills it. His only reason he is holding back is because he knows Aayla’Ani has be wanting one and brings it up any time she can. Chewan is soon called over to check out the blinking collar that is quickly discovered around the neck of the Lizard Monkey. Chewan quickly discovers that it is a tracking beacon, throwing the adventures in to high alert. As quickly as he can Chewan removes the tracker but to deactivate it before a ship drops in on them, sending them a hail requesting demanding they return to the space station and return the prized pet of one of the mighty Hutts. Upon further investigation and scans this does turn point out to the fact that it is a Hutt ship and that the Chimera is completely out gunned.

This makes most of the crew decide to head back to the station in order to quickly be done with this farce. Aayla’Ani flies the ship back to Kwenn station despite her desire to just make a run for it. Upon docking, the Hutt’s men are there to great them. As the crew gives over the lizard monkey a fumbling droid exits the opposing ship, and immediately begins to yell “It’s them it’s them. The ones that stole the master’s money.” Hearing this, Durga’s men begin to act aggressively. After seeing the Hutt’s henchmen begin to act Tim begins to threaten them, which escalates the situation. At this point other ship’s loading ramp seems to begin to shake as the hefty Hutt emerges from the bowls for his ship. For some reason the hot headed Jase thinks he can cool down the situation, and proceeded head to Durga to try to smooth things out. Despite his best efforts Jase’s lead tongue left them in a little hot water with Durga the Hutt. Durga demanded that the team owe him 50000 credits or to some land that is held by Broga the Hutt. As Durga and his people enter his ship he yells out that he will be in touch.

The gang heads back to their new ship wanting to quickly be on their way. As soon as the crew enters cockpit they plot a course to Kashyyyk to be on their way. For the few day trip Jase spent time with Chewan trying to pick up some new tricks to put up his sleeve. Koth has been working up some ways to sedate the agent of Thann Xiss. They all work on ways to stay entertained and prepare for the upcoming mission. In discussions with Katahaar it was determined that just he and Chewan should head to the village to inform the rest of Katahaar’s people the plans to free his people.

Upon arriving at Kashyyyk Katahaar leads the band to clearing where they can land their ship away form the village as to not spook them. Once landed Katahaar and Chewan head toward the village. The villagers all rejoice as they see Katahaar heading toward the them on one of the sky bridges that bind the tops of the trees together. Jase wanting to keep an eye on the pair of Wookiees, headed to a cliff over looking the Wookiee village. From there Jase was able to witness the news delivered to Katahaar, and the ensuing roar of anguish as he learned of his brother’s death. Chewan seeing the rage building in Katahaar steers the conversation back to the mission at hand. Upon informing the village of the plan the group has to rescue their lost tribes men they are overjoyed and gracious for the help. They readily welcome the help as accept the travelers to their homes. While the adventures make there way over, Katahaar is getting to his boiling point almost to a blood rage. As Chewan lowers the his rage the rest of the team arrives and Jase promises that he will get his revenge.

The Scoundrels decide to split up, Aayla’Ani and Chewan head back to the ship while the rest of the rouges head down into the shadow lands. The scouting team is directed toward a large lift where they are greeted by a Wookiee Katahaar introduces as companion and guide on their trip down to the underworld.

The ancient lift descended into a frightening atmosphere of the shadow lands. Despite the dark cool atmosphere there does seem to be a subtle beauty to the place, vegetation is large and over grown lining a slightly used path leading through this under world. As the scouting crew makes their way into the forest undergrowth a dull glow that seems to sparkle irresistably, starts to seduce Jase entrancing him and pulling him into the foliage. Like a strike of thunder in the mind of Jase a powerful command rings from Tim bringing his mind back in to focus. This saves him from a vicious plant. Their Wookiee companion mentions that is was the these plants that seemed to be the other interest to the Black Suns. Feeling ever grateful to Tim, Jase and his comrades make their way further into the dwarfing forest.

Meanwhile Aayla’Ani and Chewan board the ship and begin working on a way to scan the forest to give their teammates a clue of what they are facing. Chewan, using his overwhelming mechanical skills finds that there seem to be several life forms as only one of which is large enough to be a humanoid. Upon relaying the info they find that the other half of their team has come across what looks like a path made through a denser part of the forest which seemed to be just draped in giant webs. In fact the mere mention heading that way to find the agent sent the guide back to the village. With the knowledge of something that even frightens the Wookiees both Aayla’Ani and Chewan start to gear up to head out to help their teammates.

As the ground team waits for the arrival of their compadres they decide that it would be helpful scout out the ship where Thann’s subordinate was being held to see what kind of information they can find. Tim Konopka tells Jase and Koth that he will wait at the intersection for the rest of their team as well to make sure that no one comes out of that dark and forbidding part of the forest. Jase and Koth passing a couple paths on their way down into clearing containing a what appeared to be a old republic ship and a scattering debris. As the two look over and scavenge through the area find and torpedo look device that seems to have been tampered with by their target. Jase looking over the device gets an eerie feeling that runs through his bones. Quickly deciding something is wrong he heads toward the first path that was they passed one the way to see what other info he can find as well as be out of here right a way. As he heads back he meets Chewan along the way and informs him of all they found ahead. Jase continues to scout out the area, while Chewan moves on. Rounding a bend in a skipped path Jase comes upon the remnants of the old campfire, skirting a lake in a small glade.

Jase’s caution builds Chewan’s suspicion leading him to urgency hurries him down to Koth. The little fur ball that is Koth points out the tampered tech. The tech seem to break down to it individual parts in Chewan’s mind. The puzzle of parts worked as a map to leading to the most meddle section. Chewan moves away some of the junk surrounding the tamped area revealing a dual glow like unto the radiance of an ember in a fire. The metal beings to sink like in. Fear and panic ripping though his growl “he roars to run”. He a Koth begin to run for all they are worth. after a brief moment right at the point where the mind flickers through thoughts that this is madness and probably pointless they feel the heat of the boom hitting their backs singe hair and deafening the ears. Pressure and heat fill the air as the dazed two find themselves laying on the ground but intact. Bushing themselves off and raging they run to the others to find the bastard who almost killed them.

In the aftermath of the concussive shock wave that ripped through the forest the adventures gather in front of the dark dank passage that seems to lead directly into the jaws of destruction. With a mostly unshakable resolve the crew pushes forward heading in to the web infested pit. The leads down in to a shadowy tight cove in the in foliage. The clearing is surrounded by gnarled branches of trees and shrubs covered in the white remnants of spiders. Across form the entrance they spot a dark mass hidden in a hovel in the outgrowth. Koth calmly moved forward peaceably trying sooth the huddled mass, if in fact it is the man they are hunting. Right then the figure begins to spin and hurl a rock right passed Koth head hitting harmlessly off the shoulder of the Tim, doing not much more then causing a distraction to Tim. In that moment The scoundrel runs for it jetting passed Tim and Koth. With a sigh Jase leaps at him just in time to run into the giant furry figure of Chewan. As their bodies collide the criminal slips by. So both Tim and Aayla’Ani nonchalantly
blast him with their weapons on stun, causing him to crash to the forest flow.

Soon after their target hits the ground a deep scouring almost a rumble and thick vibration falls on weary little band. Soon all remaining remnants of light fade and deeper darkness engulfs the crew. With no warning a white liquid mass hammers into Tim. The gooey substance fastens him in place and begins to burn his skin. Tim in spite of his own danger yells out to look above. As the rest of the crew looks up they see a near star ship sized spider looming over them. Koth notices the chilling look in Jase’ s eyes as he begins to lift his heavy blaster rifle, so to give any advantage to his friend he grabs a stim out of his bag and sends it’s contents into Jase’s blood. Feeling a little juiced as the meds flow in to him Jase takes aim and lets of two shots. The first passes right though the closes leg sending it hurling to the floor, while the other hits right into the abdomen, where it meets the main body, super heating the interior causing an explosion of gore drenching in itchy burning spider fluids.

In the reprieve Aayla’Ani hurry over to Tim’s side in hopes of cutting him free. She raises her new blade and swings toward the Tim’s captor, and completely misses in good effort she attempts again have the side of the blade just glancing off Tim’s leg. A frantic buzzing noise begins to drown out the sound of Aayla’Ani’s efforts. With a sigh of dismay Chewan quickly pushes Aayla’Ani out of the way taking her sword and begins to cut Tim free. As he does so the buzzing grows loader and loader make his efforts more frantic. Just a Tim is freed insects about half the size of a nexu appear in the hundreds. finding this new cause to be a desperate one the crew decides to make a run for it. Tim, Koth and Jase start heading away mean while Chewan heads over scoops up the dirty pick to started this mess and follows the others. When the others start to run Aayla’Ani wanting to make money at some point goes and grasps the giant tucks of the the huge beast whose parts now litter the ground. Slinging them over her shoulder she makes her way after the others. They all race get this goop off of them. They all head to the clearing where Jase found the campfire because he remembers that there was a lake wash this stuff off. Upon arriving they all head jump in the tiny lake. As soon as gunk is off many of the insects lose interest. It seems that it will be enough to allow them enough time to flee the Shadowlands. The team quickly retreats to the waiting lift and rides to up escaping the one coming hoard insects.


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