Side Quests


Bandin Dobah: The office of Moruth Doole, administrator of the spice mines of Kessel, is offering a 20,000 credit reward for the killing or capture of the Aqualish pirate Bandin Dobah. This dangerous outlaw from Imperial justice is guilty of destruction of the Empire’s property, movement of contraband, black marketeering of narcotics and acts of criminal conspiracy. For more information contact any local representatives of the Imperial authority.


1. Kunadaro Vookto has determined the origin of the Ancient Sword Koth received from the villagers on Dantooine. The markings reveal that it originates from the Dead Road, a treasure trove of ancient artifacts hidden deep in Hutt Space. Kunadaro has found a pathway into the Dead Road and has requested the assistance of set of “mercenaries” to help him.

2. Broga The Hutt has called upon you to fulfill your obligation to him. He has requested that you enter into the “Granee Noopa” on his behalf. Broga is an impatient Hutt, so it is best not to keep him waiting.

Side Quests

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