Scourges of the Galaxy

The Kessel Run

Session 15

A Lambda shuttle is quickly approaching the surface of Kessel. Aayla’Ani heads to the GR-75 transport and fires up the engine. She hears a familiar voice calling to her … Her mother and father are among the liberated slaves! Feeling of bitterness flood to the surface. Aayla’Ani knows that there is a job at hand and refuses to let this reunion get in the way. Koth and Tim quickly follow behind while Jace and Chewaan jump into the Chimera and blast of the surface of the planet.

Han leads the charge through the ensuing battle. A massive Imperial Star Destroyer is drifting toward the surface of Kessel, it’s power systems offline, but quickly recharging. Aayla’Ani deftly maneuvers the transport around the Star Destroyer. Jace narrowly squeezes by scraping the edge of the Chimera on the Star Destroyer.

Squadrons of Tie Fighters race towards the escaping ships. Aayla’Ani quickly hails the Star Destroyer and convinces them that her ship is neutral and merely trying to stay out of the battle. With the ruse in place, she spins up the hyperdrive and jumps a safe distance away from the battle. Han and Chewie, not wanting to be left behind, get the heck out of there. Unfortunately, Jace and Chewan are having troubles with their hyperdrive. They manage to take down a few ties without taking more than a scratch. Suddenly, the Chimera’s alarms blare as the Star Destroyer locks on with it’s massive turbolasers. It’s now or never for the fleeing Chimera. With some luck (and maybe a little bit of the force), the Chimera barely makes the jump to hyperspace.

All three ships are now nestled on the edge of the Kessel Run. A cluster of black holes, known as the Maw, threaten to tear their ships apart. Han leads the group on a daring escape through the treacherous Kessel Run. Jace and Aayla’Ani are fine pilots, but they can’t match the skills of the infamous Han Solo. Their ships are buffeted and pulled away from the safest path by the strong pull of black holes. Chewan diverts energy from the engines to bolster the shields for the roughest part of the journey. Meanwhile, the crew and refugees on the GR-75 are facing challenges of their own ….

Koth rushes to and fro tending to the weak and malnourished refugees. He hears a female Wookiee scream and rushes to her side. She is very pregnant and on the verge of giving birth. Without missing a beat Koth prepares himself to deliver a Wookiee baby. He thinks he has done it before…then decides that it can’t be much different that delivering a Bothan child, right? Lights flicker on and off on the ship, causes panic and chaos in the hold. Tim raises his smooth, buttery voice and calms the masses of refugees. Almost as soon as he is done the engine sputters and dies. Something is wrong … Tim runs down into engineering to investigate. Something is clearly not right. He brings Aayla’Ani’s father down who has been working on mechanical equipment in the spice mines of Kessel for years. It’s clear that someone on board the ship has been trying to sabotage it. Tim takes two of the Wookiees and starts a search of the ship.

Aayla’Ani’s mother cannot bear another minute without talking to her daughter. Tim does nothing to stop her from going up to the bridge to have a word with her. Aayla’Ani doesn’t want to be disturbed on such a difficult mission, so her mom quietly sits behind her on the bridge. At this point all of the ships have managed to make it to the Pit, the final stretch of the Kessel Run. This region is littered with asteroids and high radiation. Comms are down and people are fainting left and right. Koth jumps to the occasion and tends to the needs of all those who are suffering from radiation poisoning. Soon, he successfully delivers a healthy Wookiee baby! He protects it from the deadly radiation with radiation wicking gel (or somesuch).

With comms down and unable to coordinate a path forward, Aayla’Ani decides to take matters into her own hands. She sees a narrow opening that the GR-75 may be able to squeeze through. Reckless as she is, she pulls the lumbering ship forward and manages to barely squeeze through the gap, only to be quickly enshrouded in a wall of asteroids. Jace not knowing the predicament they are in follows and now they are both trapped. Chewan warms up the turbolasers on the Chimera and blasts a hole through. -add more here, something about a space slug I cant remember -

Tim and Aayla’Ani are doing there best to navigate the asteroid field when they hear a scream from Aayla’s mother. Tim turns to look and sees an angry Trandoshan clutching Aayla’s mother by the throat. Tim reacts quickly blasting the Trandoshan in the should/face. He drops the woman who lies bleeding on the floor. Koth hears blaster fire from the hold and starts sprinting to the bridge. The trandoshan tries to through out a flash bang, but it is a dud. It bounces off the back of the pilots chair and slams into the door control closing the door. Tim gets a shot off, but misses. The blaster bolt knocks a crate down onto Aayla’s mother’s hand crushing it. The Trandoshan gets off a shot before being gunned down by Aayla who just can’t take it anymore. Koth arrives just in time to stop the poor woman from bleeding out.

Once clear of The Pit they make a jump to the backwater planet Formos where they take a minute to recuperate.


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