Scourges of the Galaxy

Caught in the Crossfire: Part 1


recovered from wounds

chewan performs a make shift operations, removes eye

triggers failsafe of chest implant

aside: hillarious confusion on Rew’s part when he thought we were doing this with the live captive

jase cuts off arm implant

jase spaces the rest of the body of the dead black sun agent

tim, chewan examine data in shield device, find extensive logs

tim begins interrogation of the live captive, learns count of the “Elite” black sun horses under Thann Xiss

chewan hacks device to damage the users of the shield implants.

making course corrections heading into the planet

landing near the downed ship to avoid detection

traveling through the shadowlands

run into a small squad of goons harvesting plants

Jase climbs up to the village finds 2 ships (heavily damaged)

others follow on elevator

chewan hacks more intact ship to lock out legit owner

ship lands, combat with 3 opponents

tim, jase inspect Chieftain’s hut, find Durga the Hutt, Thann Xiss in combat.

Note: throughout the session no Wookie residents seen (neither living nor dead)


the_rew d_factorial

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