Experience Points

XP Chart

If you are absent from a session you will receive 5 XP.

Bonus XP

I will be handing out bonus XP to those of you who help contribute to adding content to the site. Here is how I think I’ll break it down:

• 5 XP if you write or make a significant contribution to an adventure log recap of the session we just played.
• 5 XP for adding a character/NPC with relevant information to the Characters page
• 5 XP for adding a wiki entry on something relevant to the campaign. Ideas for Wiki entries can include Locations (sector, system, cantina, etc.), vehicles, in game plot points, items, and rules clarification/help.
• 5 XP for managing initiative during a game.

You can do any combination of these, but can only get a max of 10 bonus XP between sessions.

I really want to get you guys more involved in running and handling things so if you can think of anything else you want to do to help out I’d be more than willing to grant you some bonus XP.

Experience Points

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